Dr. Charles Yarish

Lab Director, Professor

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Dr. Simona Augyte – Post-doctoral researcher. Seaweed biologist interested in ecology and evolution with a focus on sustainable kelp aquaculture.

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Dr. Jang K. Kim

Visiting Professor (Incheon National University)

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Hamza Qadri –  Laboratory and Field Analysis Assistant. Currently a sophomore majoring in biology who is seeking to enhance the human condition through science, technology, and education.











Melissa Murphy – Laboratory Assistant specializing in cultural analysis and management. Currently a Biology major while minoring in molecular cell biology to accomplish making a difference within the field of medicine.








Raymond Demery – attends University of Connecticut, majoring in Computer Engineering. Works in the Marine Biotech Lab as a student assistant.








Usman Azeem – an intern in the lab. He is a freshman majoring in biology. His goal is to study medicine and genetics.


Dr. Janet Kübler – Visiting Professor (CSU Northridge) – Personal website



Christina Zendman


Rod Wilson


Andrew Starovoitov


Jonathan Gilbert